When should I ship using a bubble mailer or a box with air cushions.

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As a gift, I recently received a very expensive pair of dress walking boots from a national brand name manufacturer. I was surprised when I received my shoes in a poly mailer without any bubble or in a box. The shoe box was destroyed. Fortunately the shoes have a rugged leather exterior look to them or the scuffs and scratches would have caused me to return them. Rule one; don’t ship shoes in a bubble mailer or poly bag envelope. Shoes should be shipped a box in a box, with a few air cushions to prevent any damage to the product. It costs a little more but will save you money in reduced damage claims. Reducing damage claims is a major part of shipping, controlling costs and increasing profit margins. It’s not just about how much does it cost you to ship something, it’s also about how much it costs if there’s a return due to damage during shipment; or the loss of a customer due to a bad first impression.

Poly envelopes or bubble mailers are best for soft goods. In the retail industry there are soft goods and hard goods. As you may be able to reason, soft goods are virtually anything made of fabric or are soft. Ideally all clothing, towels, linens and blankets fall into the category of soft goods. So if you sell t-shirts, using bubble mailers is a good way to ship your products. But if you have a craft store, protecting your products would be best served by using a box with air pillows. We usually recommend bubble mailers, even for soft goods because they add a degree of ruggedness to the envelope and present a better image; for a few pennies more it’s worth the added protection to use bubble envelopes. 

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So your shipping stations, whether it’s in a large warehouse or home based business out of your garage, should not only have an air cushion machine to make bubble air pillows on demand, but include at least three sizes of bubble mailers, small, medium and large. Poly bubble mailers and poly envelopes come in a wide assortment of sizes and are a very cost efficient way to ship products. You’ll have to determine what sizes work best for you based on your products. But remember, over time, there can be tendency to try to ship more and more items using poly bubble mailers, items that should not go in them, such as picture frames or cosmetics or beauty supplies, and damage claims start to increase. Of course there are some hard goods that can be shipped using bubble envelopes, like metal key chains, metal necklaces, etc. but a box with the right amount of void fill air cushions will help reduce your damage claims and present the best image to your customer – creating the opportunity for future sells. And a customer won is cheaper to keep and maintain then creating a new customer. With online purchases accounting for the majority of shopping (in many states) have you learned any lessons that have changed the way you ship? Air cushions add virtually no weight to your shipping costs and protect your products and your image. Repeat customers are the key to long term success.

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