Warehouse and Office

Three things to do to keep up with growth and your competitors warehouse systems.

Three things to do to keep up with growth and your competitors warehouse systems.

Operational change driven largely by e-commerce has been ongoing for several years, but the pandemic has put that pace of change into overdrive. What can a small struggling ecommerce business do to change and grow properly, especially when there seems to be so few hours in a day. Here are three things to consider for your small or large fulfillment center.
expecting air cushion machine or inflatable packaging

What to expect when you’re expecting - an air cushion machine. Five things you’ll want to know.

So you’ve talked it over with your business partner and decided that the timing is right. The gestation period of your company seems like this addition will make things better for you. But, you still have a nagging feeling like this will change everything – buying an air pillow machine. How can you align your expectations with reality? Did you just throw your money away, is this going to be another piece of equipment that you’ll have to master among all the other jobs you already have?

Air pillow machines are the clear choice.

As a consumer, it’s clear to see that using inflatable packaging or air pillow machines to protect products during shipping is the clear winner. Without exception, as a consumer, every box we received this holiday season from the monsters of shipping... So this begs the question, why aren’t you using them for your business? Virtual every larger shipper from pet products to home goods are using air cushion machines to make bubble cushion or void fill packaging.