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expecting air cushion machine or inflatable packaging

What to expect when you’re expecting - an air cushion machine. Five things you’ll want to know.

So you’ve talked it over with your business partner and decided that the timing is right. The gestation period of your company seems like this addition will make things better for you. But, you still have a nagging feeling like this will change everything – buying an air pillow machine. How can you align your expectations with reality? Did you just throw your money away, is this going to be another piece of equipment that you’ll have to master among all the other jobs you already have?

Definition of terms related to the shipping of packages, air cushion pillows and more.

Definition of terms for the pack and ship industry:

The air cushion machine is the device used to inflate rolled film into the shapes created during the manufacturing process. Air cushion machines cannot create an air pillow shape, then can generally only inflate and seal “film” of air cushions, 4x8” square bags, bubble etc. In the past, the industry was created so only large shippers