News - Global Pandemic Spurs the Growth of Packaging Supplies. Why are we now seeing the rapid growth of air pillow machines.

LOS ANGELES - April 27, 2020 - PRLog -- With the changes we’ve recently experienced in the global economy due to the Covid-19 pandemic, The Crannies has noticed a sharp increase in the sales of packaging supplies, specifically, air pillow machines.


Air cushion machines allow companies to make bubble cushion wrap and void fill air pillows on demand, when they are needed, reducing the need to buy bulky premade bubble for wrapping and protecting products during shipping. Packaging materials like air cushion machines which make void fill go in a shipping box so the product that is mailed is protected. Over the last decade we have seen virtually all the world’s largest shippers use air pillow machines to protect products because they are economical and have proven to reduce damage claims during shipping.


“Year over years sales of air pillow machines are up nearly 40%” says said Bryan Downing, Packaging Sales Manager of The Crannies. This may be surprising to most due to the current economic outlook, but Downing adds, “We believe the increase in sales is due to two factors; first, since many people have been home during the quarantine, there’s been a lot of recent start-up companies that want to compete, look professional and protect their products with inflatable packaging during shipment. Many of these small companies have been started by Generation Y and Z. These generations have grown up with void fill, air cushion machines and would not think of using out dated packaging materials like packing peanuts or kraft paper that are not environmentally friendly.”


“Secondly, many established companies have expanded their ecommerce offerings to large online marketplaces. The growth of ecommerce is just one of the many unintended consequences of the Covid-19 quarantine” said Downing. With the CDC recommending people stay home and protect themselves when they go out to public areas; ecommerce, already heavily used, has seen a major surge. “Air pillow machines are now seen as a necessity, it’s a shift in the way the younger generation see’s their packaging supplies. We’ve done our best to be the low-price leader and make air cushion machines affordable no matter how many packages you’re shipping per day. We see ourselves as the kings of air cushion machines,” adds Downing.