News - Office Crannies will no longer sell loosefill as part of their commitment to the environment and customer concerns.

LOS ANGELES - Nov. 6, 2018 - PRLog -- Office Crannies is pleased to announce effective November 6, 2018, that they will no longer sell loosefill, commonly called packing peanuts to their customers. Loosefill as a product has been in production since the late 1960's. Many large cities and states have legislation banning certain types of polystyrene products, including loosefill; some cities have complete bans on polystyrene by 2020.

"We recently reached out to our customers and informed them we'd be dropping the distribution and sell of loosefill as part of our commitment to the environment," said Bryan Downing, Sales Manager of Office Crannies. "We are happy how our key customers received the news, we recognize we may lose a few customers but we've encouraged them to move to more efficient and environmentally sound products like air cushions," adds Downing.

Although packing peanuts are often reused, most are still made with polystyrene, which can harm our water sources and frequently seen in our city streets as litter. The loosefill that is made of biodegradable products can contaminate recycling stream and even if disposed of properly, can take decades to biodegrade, or they may disintegrate in the box being shipped, leaving a mess for the end consumer.

"The high transportation cost of shipping loosefill, the reduction in companies willing to manufacture the material, complaints from customers receiving packages of messy packing peanuts, really made this an easy decision, which is in-line with our sustainable philosophies," said Downing. "Air cushions are very environmentally sound, especially when comparing the total footprint of shipping, storing and making void fill on demand," commented Downing.

Besides making air cushion on demand, inflating bubble for wrapping and protecting products, using recycled Kraft paper can also be an eco-friendly solution to loosefill.