How can I find bubble wrap near me?

Those that know I’m in the shipping industry, frequently ask me one question, how can I find bubble wrap near me. Sometimes locating bubble wrap right when you need it, can be more difficult, take more time and be more expensive than it should be. Why are you looking for bubble wrap? There are two main industries or categories why people are looking for bubble wrapping materials near me; those are moving industry and the product shipping industry – both within the shipping industries. One shipping households from one location to another, while the other ships products, generally from a company to a consumer or end user.

Most people “looking for bubble wrap near me” are individuals and families moving. Let me be clear, if you are not buying bubble wrap in bulk (wholesale) or don’t have your own equipment that makes bubble wrapping materials on demand, you will be paying a premium. Having moved several times myself, I know how valuable bubble wrap can be. Bubble needs to be included in your moving budget. Having bubble wrap to protect sentimental family pictures or valuable china or silverware is critical. Do not mess with other types of materials to protect your family’s precious items during a move.

bubble wrapping plate for shipping, bubble wrap near me

Unfortunately, a big box store will be your best bet. Most big box stores like Wal-Mart, Home Depot or Lowes have started stocking a large assortment of shipping supplies. Retailers have finally caught on, moving and shipping products is a big big industry. Duh. So within these types of retailers you can find rolls of bubble wrapping materials – they have a few different brands, but they are all virtually identical. Within the product shipping industry, shipper’s judge shipping materials by cost per cubic feet. The cost per cubic feet for retail bubble is not good but it’s still necessary. Don’t waste any more time, you have a whole house to pack, just buy it from a big box retailer. For moving, I’d probably compare prices on length. You don’t really need anything more than 12” wide. Small bubbles on the bubble wrap are good for dishes and plates. Large bubbles are better for picture frames and other odd shaped items. When in doubt use large bubble.

Now the story is very different if you are a small business shipping products from your warehouse or home to end users and are looking for “bubble wrap near me”. Whether you have your own online store, an EBay, Etsy or are an Amazon reseller, you need to buy your bubble wrap from a large wholesaler or better yet have your own air cushion making machine. You are cutting into your own margins and making less money if you are using big box bubble wrap. The cost per cubic foot is horrible on pre-made big box bubble wrapping materials (3 times higher) when compared to an air cushion machine that can make bubble wrapping material or void fill air bags (4x8” or 8x8”). Besides the costs savings, another benefit of owning an air cushion machine is that the bubble wrapping material it makes should have air transfer technology, like the Mini Air Clasi Machine. Air transfer technology means that air can travel from (bubble) cushion to cushion and will not pop on impact like traditional bubble; actually creating a better cushion.

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Another reason to use an air cushion machine over large wholesale suppliers of bubble warp is the freight cost. Wholesalers can no longer ship for free huge rolls of bubble. The dimensional freight charges are too much to absorb – making an air cushion machine even more attractive.  So next time you’re looking for “bubble wrap near me” hopefully this quick overview will help you head down the right road and save you time, energy and money.