Honeycomb Paper Kraft Paper Packaging.
Three reasons why kraft paper packaging may be right for you.

There have been many exciting innovations in the field of packaging with inventions of new materials, re-purposing the used and transforming and enhancing the performance of familiar materials such as kraft paper. Many consider kraft paper packaging one of the original green packaging materials, which is traditionally brown paper that comes in different weights (thicknesses). Other types include, Newsprint or newspapers (even classified ads sections), Bogus Paper is a thick grey paper made from recycled kraft and newsprint and Indented or Honeycomb Paper which is kraft brown paper with textured ridges.

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All the above can be used for wrapping objects and scrunched up for void fill packaging and cushioning. Most people think of Kraft paper that comes in rolls but there are also convenient dispensers available that are either wall-mounted or portable. Scrunching dispensers also crumple the paper for void fill packaging, so you don’t have to do it by hand.

1. One of the major benefits is of kraft paper packaging, is its one of the cheapest materials you can get for your shipping dept or mailroom and perfect for the small startup environment that does not want to invest much into shipping.

Kraft paper sheets are a classic void fill solution that is affordable and efficient in most applications. Many customers appreciate the use of paper void fill because it’s a natural option that’s fully recyclable. Other cushioning products like packing peanuts or foam inserts are not easily recycled or biodegradable like paper.

2. Many consumers also associate paper with a higher quality product and find kraft paper packaging, honeycomb packaging more attractive than air pillows, so using paper can help improve your product presentation in some situations.

Die-cut Kraft paper or better known as honeycomb paper. This die-cut brown paper expands into a three-dimensional honeycomb form trapping air pockets to provide cushioning and wrapping. The hexagons lock to each other, preventing unwrapping and eliminating the use of tape to enclose your items. This material is moldable to wrap any object and is available in a recyclable cardboard dispenser. The dispenser also comes with a roll of tissue interleaf paper, so the wrapping has an aesthetic barrier.

Shredded paper and cardboard or Upcycled paper and cardboard can add to the aesthetics of your packing, especially if you are going for the earthy eco green packaging look. They are also an affordable option with the benefit of being either reusable or recyclable. Some companies produce crinkled paper shreds which adds to the volume of air trapped in the packing. Some companies produce chopped corrugated cardboard as filler which is light and cheap.

Paper is a practical and economical choice for wrapping items. Paper is recyclable and often made of recycled materials, so it's a sound selection environmentally, too. Both brown Kraft paper and plain white newsprint are great options. Paper comes in different weights or thicknesses (typically 40 – 60 lb.) and may be purchased in either rolls or precut sheets. For very light cushioning and scratch protection, tissue paper is another option

When it comes to protecting fragile or delicate items in shipping and storage environments, paper certainly does the trick. Our PaperEZ Wrap Box, honeycomb packaging includes a layer of white tissue helping to make it be non-abrasive, so you won’t have to worry about it scratching surfaces or leaving marks on your product.

3. So, our two-layer honeycomb packaging with white tissue lining protects the best of your beautiful crafts and glass designs. Shredded material is good for making nests for your products and filling around items to keep them shockproof during transportation. When using paper, it can be crumpled up to conform to almost any shape you need it to fill. You can also use sheets of paper for layering between pallet loads or different parts. There’s also a variety of paper void fill products available, including some with special coatings to protect against moisture, grease, and oil, for example when shipping heavy automotive parts.

Wrapping is one of the simplest ways to protect fragile items during shipping. Wrapping items in paper, foam or bubble wrap provides cushioning and protects items from scratches, scrapes and dents. Wrapping is a great option for small- to medium-sized, irregularly shaped objects that need a little extra cushioning in the package. It's best for items that fill most (but not all) of the space in the box; if you have a lot of extra space to fill, you may need additional void fill materials to keep items from shifting. Wrapping is generally done by hand and may be somewhat labor-intensive. You have a lot of options when it comes to wrapping, with varying degrees of cushioning and space-filling functionality.

Though kraft paper offers a ton of benefits for your packaging operations, it’s important to note a few challenges you might experience when working with it. Kraft paper rolls wholesale are very heavy to ship which can add to the overall cost of your pack and ship departments. Often, companies using paper void fill will find they go through a lot of material very quickly.  It requires more paper material to fill larger voids, which can add to the total cost of your packaging. Some types of paper can be quite expensive as well, so if the cheaper versions don’t work in your favor, they might not be the right solution. Also keep in mind that while paper is reusable and recyclable, many end users still end up sending it to landfills rather than recycling it. Although honeycomb packaging, kraft paper packaging can be ideal for glass, crafts or even heavy greasy automotive parts if it doesn’t meet your needs then you might want to explore air cushion machines.