Air Pillow Packaging for our Small Candle Home Based Business

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When my wife’s hobby started to take off – I became a very reluctant shipper. I thought her small business was somewhat of a hobby, but fortunately I was wrong. Since I was her shipping department, I had to learn through trial and error of how to ship, obtain supplies etc. Let me tell you about my struggle to obtain some of the best packaging supplies like air pillows packaging.

We have all received the fun to pop air cushions in packages, but where to get those, how to get those. I started where many people start, my local retailer, and ended up with small rolls of name brand bubble wrap at large box stores like Home Depot and Walmart. We started packaging and wrapping by wife’s handmade crafts, hand blown glass made into custom shaped candles with bubble wrapping from Walmart and Home Depot. After frequent trips to the store I had to stop and analyze the cost. She went from shipping 4-6 candles a month to 8-14 packages a day and we needed a real packaging solution. We quickly realized we needed to find bubble wrap machine manufacturers. The cost of buying Walmart bubble wrap was not working in our favor. We were going through large amounts of bubble and the cost and storage was a real headache. We tried to find bubble wrap wholesalers but the massive rolls were a real storage problem for us and the shipping cost made it unfeasible.

As I started searching for bubble material, I stumbled across air pillow packaging and air cushions. Besides wrapping materials we learned we really needed void fill air cushions for packaging. We felt like we had a major breakthrough. Why were the bubble wrap machine manufacturers so hard to find. We quickly came to understand we were going to have to invest some of our precious income to buy an air pillow packaging machine. This brought everything to a halt. Well, after of a couple weeks of research and hesitation we took a leap of faith. Again, I was relatively new to packing and shipping. Our search finally directed us to the Mini Air Clasi. This machine made air pillow packaging with void fill, inflatable air bags, 4x8” 8x8” etc. and bubble for wrapping and protecting.

bubble wrap machine manufacturers, air cushions for packaging

I would be lying if I didn’t say price was a factor; that’s was a big issue for us and we were extra wary because we know so little about these products and companies. Since taking the plunge into owning our own machine, we have been very happy with the quality and performance of our Mini Air Clasi machine and how it makes air cushions for packaging. The versatile, different sizes and shapes of air pillows are awesome. Beyond the initial out lay of money the rolls of inflatable air bags will last us a long time. Plus no more running to the store and fighting to make storage space for shipping materials. As a new pack and ship expert, this has taken us to a whole new level, made us look more professional and made our life a lot easier.