Air pillow machines are the clear choice.

That didn’t take long. As a consumer, it’s clear to see that using inflatable packaging or air pillow machines to protect products during shipping is the clear winner. Without exception, as a consumer, every box we received this holiday season from the monsters of shipping, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot all used air bags as in the box protective packaging. So this begs the question, why aren’t you using them for your business? Virtual every larger shipper from pet products to home goods are using air cushion machines to make bubble cushion or void fill packaging.

Do you still think air cushion machines are cost prohibited? Not in your budget? What do you think they cost? Guess what, there prices have come down significantly. Did you know you can get a reliable air cushion machine for about $550? Add up your time purchasing materials, storing them and take an honest look at your inefficient packing; most businesses can justify an entry level machine for only $550. If you need a super-fast packaging line, a high end air cushion machine is only about $1100.

Stop wasting time at your pack and ship stations with inferior packaging and harsh abrasive, heavy solutions. To help you understand the cost savings, we need to compare different types of packaging materials apples to apples - so everything must be converted and measured on a cubic foot basis. Simple math helps justify the purchase of an air cushion machine for your business.
First things first, If you’re still buying your bubble or loose fill from a big box store, like the big orange one with initials HD or the other one that starts with a “W”, please understand you are losing money on your pack and ship portion of your business! Although big box stores claim to be low price leaders, they are not in the same ballpark as specialty packaging suppliers - do your own comparison and save.

Most small business shippers, eBay shippers or even newer FBA stores are still using bubble, kraft paper or packing peanuts for their products, but let’s looks at bubble. A roll of bubble wave for the Mini Air Clasi or Mini Air Pro air pillow machines, measures, 1476 feet, which calculates out to be about 72 cubic feet per roll. There is one roll per carton so 72 cu/ft. per carton. Then we took pricing from one of the largest online catalog warehouses for shipping supplies which has a better price than a big box store, and still there is no comparison. If you order commercial bubble at a roll length of 250 feet, this calculates out to be 14 cubic feet per roll. Oh, by the way, you are required to order three rolls of premade bubble at one time so 42 cu/ft per shipment, so that’s approximately $126 per order, plus shipping (shipping is significant, nearly the same price as the bubble – remember shippers (UPS) went to dimensional shipping).

So in the final analysis, you’ll get 53% more cubic feet of bubble from one carton of Mini CLASI/PRO Bubble Wave, for less money than one order of commercial bubble. So if the packages you receive from your own online purchasing from of Amazon, Walmart, etc. aren’t giving you a clear picture of how to pack your own products for shipping, then look at the numbers. The time is now to get out of your “old” packaging mind set and get your own air pillow machine and make void fill packaging and bubble cushion wrap as needed.

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